Exterior Painting

On residential exterior painting, our job is to make your home look beautiful and more importantly to protect it. However, the most important reason to repaint an exterior is to maintain and upkeep your home.

A quality professional paint job should last at least 10 years and with Precision Painting that is exactly what you will receive. The two most important aspects in order to achieve a long-lasting exterior paint job are:

  • Prep Work
  • High-Quality Paints & Products

Our team always prepares exterior surfaces by the book:

  1. Pressure washing to ensure all surfaces are clean and bondable
  2. Scraping and sanding of rough, damaged, loose, and chipping areas
  3. Repair and filling as needed to prepare all surfaces
  4. Appropriate primers applied as needed to ensure the paint will bond properly
  5. Re-caulking of all joints and windows as needed
  6. Covering, masking, and protecting all non-paintable areas (windows, walkways, doors, etc.)

Once all the prep work is complete, then finally, 2 finish coats are applied.

Coupled with our extensive preparation are our top of the line products. Precision Painting uses only top quality paint from the two best manufactures: Benjamin Moore & Sherwin Williams. Due to our prep and top quality paints we are able to leave each of our clients with one of the longest written warranties in the business.

Interior Painting

From west-side mansions to one-bedroom condos, and everything in-between, our team has done it all!
We like to leave each of our customers 100% satisfied; that is why we never take deposits. Our customers don’t pay a cent until they are completely satisfied with the finished project.

On residential interior painting, our job is not to just put paint on the walls. First, we start by moving and protecting all of your furniture, floors, tiles, and other non-paintable areas. Once everything is fully protected, then we start on the most important step: THE PREP WORK.

Our team repairs all drywall imperfections, re-textures ceiling, apply caulking to all joints as needed, fills nail holes and bumps, and any other prep in order to make your home 100% ready for painting. Then we paint!

We use the best paints on the markets from the top two manufacturers so when we’re finished, your home stays looking amazing for years!

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