Precision Painting is a full service Residential and Commercial painting company serving the Maple Ridge area. We offer Maple Ridge homeowners, property managers, and strata council representatives a variety of Interior and Exterior Services. From exterior warehouses to interior studio apartments and even heritage homes, our Precision Painters have done it all!



1. Licensed

Advertisers don’t check that a company even exists before putting those so called companies adds out there for home owners to find. It is considered the homeowners responsibility to make sure a company is actually a registered company before hiring them. The BBB is a great resource for making sure a company is licensed. The very first requirement for receiving a BBB accreditation is proof of License. If the company is accredited, you can be assured that they are registered.

2. WCB Covered

WCB Coverage protects you as a homeowner from being sued if one of the workers gets hurt on your property. An injury could put your contractor out of work for years and cost you 1000’s of dollars so always make sure the company you hire provides you with a “Clearance Letter from WCB”.


3. Insured– Liability Insurance

Always make sure the company you hire provides you with a “Liability Insurance Clearance Letter”. Hiring a company with Liability Insurance ensures that you are protected from having to pay for any damage caused to your home during the project. 1 gallon of paint accidentally spilt on your roof can cost you 1000’s if the company you hired does not have Liability Insurance.


4. BBB Accreditation

Click for the BBB Business Review of this Painting Contractors in Richmond BCA Better Business Bureau Accreditation is not essential, but it does provide an added peace of mind to know that the company you hired has been checked out by the BBB. The BBB ensures that a business meets the highest standard for business operations and that a company’s website is truthful, honest and secure. Accreditation tells consumers they can trust this business even though they don’t know them because the BBB has checked them out.


5. Warranty

The length in warranty your contractor offers you tells you a lot about how confident they are in their work. Most painting contractors will offer a 1 – 2 year warranty. A quality professional contractor will offer a 5 year warranty on most projects.


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